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Chieftain IPA

Chieftain IPA

Chieftan IPA


Franciscan Well Chieftain IPA is a hugely popular IPA, and Franciscan Well’s answer to Ireland’s growing demand for IPA style beers. IPA’s are traditionally high hopped to deliver intense bitterness that lingers on the palate which usually limits what you can drink or taste after it.

With Chieftain IPA, Shane wants everything an IPA has to deliver, but he wants you to be able to enjoy another beer after it. Chieftain IPA is a great stepping stone into the land of big and bitter.

Chieftain IPA is available on Draught and in a 330ml Can.

ABV 5.5%


Brewed to honour Diarmund McCarthy Mor, the king of South Munster and founder the site of our brewery, Chieftain IPA puts a taste of his power in your hands.

The Origin of "India Pale Ale"

India Pale Ale was the answer to the problem of how to get good ale from Britain to India in the 18th century. Unlike other beers drank at the time, IPAs were able to survive long voyages into warm climates without souring. IPA had this long-lasting effect by brewers adding more preservative-enhancing hops and brewing the beer to high alcohol contents.

IPA Today:

Indian Pale Ale was born out of utility, but has evolved into a style of beer that takes inspiration from the original in modern IPA’s hoppy flavour and generous alcohol content.

Chieftain IPA

Many modern IPAs have a startling bitterness that discourages the casual drinker- you either love it or you hate it! Chieftain IPA has been designed for casual enjoyment. It has a mild and fresh hoppiness and a moderate alcohol content at 5.5% ABV, but still maintains the powerful presence of an Indian Pale Ale.


High Hop IPA’s can be tricky to pair with food, however Chieftain IPA does work well with blue cheese and fried chicken.

  • Serve: 6c
  • Complements: Fried Chicken
  • Ingredients: Ale malt, Crystal Malt Hops: Citra, Tettnanger and Magnum


  • Appearance: Cloudy Haze, Unfiltered
  • Aroma: Big Citrus Aroma
  • Taste: Medium body with a light bitterness level
  • Mouth feel: Medium bitterness at the front, evenly balanced by the rich sweetness from the malt
  • Finish: Hoppy, with a light mouth feel