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Jameson Pale Ale

Jameson Pale Ale

Franciscan Well Jameson Pale Ale Bottle Illustration
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Building on the critical acclaim of the multi-award winning Franciscan Well Jameson-Aged S tout, Shane then began experimenting with the effect of Jameson barrels on the popular style of pale ale. The result – Jameson Pale Ale.

ABV 6%


Launched in 2014, Jameson Pale Ale, the second collaboration with The Jameson Distillery, re-invents the whiskey and beer accompaniment with a modern context.


  • Serve: 6c
  • Complements: Roast Beef, Blue Cheese
  • Ingredients: Malt-Morris Otter, Munich and Crystal, Hops - Cascade


  • Appearance: Rich Copper and Caramel
  • Aroma: Rich malt aroma followed by a citrus hit from the cascade hops and an aroma of whiskey from the barrel aging
  • Taste: A slow carbonation is met with a blend of caramel and biscuit notes with a hint of gooseberry fruity tartness, balanced by citrusy hop bitterness, and a smooth whiskey oak finish.
  • Mouth feel: Full, Rich and Intense
  • Finish: Smooth, Velvet Mellow Finish.

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