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Coffee Porter

Coffee Porter



Chocolate brown in appearance with rich coffee notes, Our porter is perfectly balanced to deliver a smooth mouth feel with flashes of roasted coffee running through it.

ABV 6.5%


It fell to Paudie to create the first Seasonal Beer of 2014. The challenge facing Paudie was to ensure the perfect balance of ingredients without one outshining the other. This was a tough challenge when working with Coffee Beans. Finally after several trial brews Paudie landed the perfect recipe, 10kg of Cork Coffee Roasters Arabica Beans steeped in tank for eight days at 10 degrees Celsius. Paudie’s challenge was full of complexity and he rose to the challenge.


Served on its own as a digestif.

  • Serve: 8c
  • Ingredients: Oats, caraaroma malt, arabica coffee beans, roasted barley


  • Appearance: Dark Brown Body
  • Aroma: Roasted Malt and Coffee
  • Taste: Rich roasted malt with coffee notes that bring superb balance
  • Mouth feel: Full Bodied Flavour
  • Finish: Full bodied porter which finishes with exotic coffee flavour